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    It is with great sadness we bid farewell to four of our Brothers:
Wellington I. Nichols - 09 Aug '12   
John Lezotte - 23 Sep '12,   
Len Demaray - 2 Nov '12,   
Bill Tedesco - 03 Nov '12....    
Godspeed my Brothers!!

    It is with great sadness we bid farewell to Mr. Robert James Nelson on August 14, 2011.    Godspeed my Brother!!

    It is with great sadness we bid farewell to Mr. Daniel J. Rivera on May 3rd 2011.    His services will be private. Godspeed my Brother!!

   Feb. 20, 2011: Myron David Obernier, Jr., 86, of Elam Church Road, died Sunday, February 20, 2011.    Service will be private. Mr. Obernier was born October 01, 1924, in St. Louis, Missouri, and had lived in Jones County, Georgia for the past two years.    Mr. Obernier was a retired United States Army veteran, who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. He was a Flight Engineer, earning the rank of Sergeant 1st Class in the Army's ACH47 Chinook Helicopter Gunship Program.     Godspeed my brother!

So sad to learn of the passing of Mr. Ed Coberly on Oct. 1st 2010.    Godspeed my Brother!

    10/4/09: I am saddened to report the passing of Mr. Darwin H. Pullman, on Sunday October 4.

    8/16/09: 2009 Reunion coverage posted! :)

   6/13/09: I'm very sorry to announce that Mr. Kenneth Grussing, one of the original Go-Go members, passed away due to a long illness.    I only got to meet Ken once, but is was hard not to feel like I'd known him all my life; Godspeed my brother, it was a privledge knowing you!

   8/26/08: 2007 Reunion coverage posted!     Also, because hackers broke the code to the Guestbook and was submitting SPAM messages nearly every day, I fixed it up so the only way to submit a comment is to email it to "guestentry@gunsagogo.org" and I will post it.    This is the only 100% sure way of keeping all the garbage out.    I'm sorry I've been so slack in updating the site and writing... getting things back on track now.

   8/18/06: I am saddened to announce the passing of
Mr. Paul Nieswonger, on Wednesday, 16th.     His family
is using the services of Altimeter's funeral Home
in NewPort News, VA and he will be interred at
the Veterans Cemetery in Newport News.
Our deepest condolences go out to the families!

   8/6/06: In the "Early Nam" album, I added two pictures that was sent from Frank Greenleaf,
one showing one of the first names that #64-13145 bore, "Crazy 8". Photo HERE.

   5/31/06: Added 4 profiles to the "Then & Now" section; "Lemmon", "Cien", "McVey", and "Blanks".

   5/14/06: Added photos from the 5th Reunion, and info concerning the 160th SOAR.

   9/14/05: At the time of this update, I am saddened to report the passing of
two former Guns A Go-Go personnel: Ronald Morgan, August 14th;
He was given a military funeral and buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery
in Tennessee.   

Richard E. (Rich) Blakeley, September 9; The services were private and he was cremated.   
Our deepest condolences go out to the families!

   6/2/05: New picture added to the "Late Nam" photo album in the
Pictures link; Steve Carr standing by "Easy Money".    Also, current photo
of Steve added to the "Then & Now" section.

   5/17/05: Former Guns A Go-Go Crew Chief, Clarence Hall, was laid to rest today in his hometown
of Winnsboro, SC, with full Military Honors.    He passed away on 5/15/05
at 11am.    I attended his Services and Bonnie asked that I
relay to each of you her thanks for your calls and remembrances.   
"See you later, "Pappy!"

Update: 9/13/04:   2004 Reunion album completed.

Update: 12/14/03:   Information concerning the 4th Guns A Go-Go Reunion was put online today... check the Menu on the left.

Update 7/24/03:   It is with great regret that I must report the passing of former Go-Go'er Richard T. Davis, on Wednesday the 23rd in Orange, Texas.     Richard was with the 1st Avn Det at An Khe.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to Sandra and the rest of the Davis Family in this, their time of loss.

Update 7/24/03:      New photo's added to the 2003 Reunion and "Then & Now" sections.

Update 7/16/03:      Coverage of the 27th ID Reunion in Washington DC, where three members of "Guns A Go-Go" were Guest of Honor.

Update 6/25/03:      POC added to the; Boeing/Vertol test of A, C, and "Model 347" Rotor RPM Schedule.   VERY interesting! - Click Here to listen!

6/17/03:The "Guns A Go-Go" Reunion
was a resounding success! A link is currently being built with full coverage of the Reunion... if you were there and have pictures you'd like to publish, please E-MAIL them to me, with a brief explanation, and I'll include them... Thanks!

      Added "Then & Now" link 5/4/03

2/17/03: Juan Carlos Gonzales

11th Pathfinders
On 2/22/68, about 600 meters
NW of the Citadel in Hue,
Juan was dug-in by Hwy 1,
directing fire for the Go-Go's,
and witnessed "Birth Control"
being shot down.


"When we saw the Chinook
gunships coming, it was like
seeing Angels coming
to our rescue!"


In January 2003, Juan returned
to Vietnam and made THIS
picture of the rice fields
where "Birth Control" went down.

Update 10/14/02:      The "Vietnam Then" photo album online

Update 10/9/02:      The new "Guns A Go-Go" display, at the Army Aviation Museum is now open to the public!   It isn't quite finished yet, but it looks really good sitting over by the old "A" Model. - photo contributed via Jim Ketcham