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Associate Members

Lacy, Walter M. III "Walt"

Gunner/Birth Control

Lemmon, Neal J.

SP5, 53rd

Lenoir, George L.


Lezotte, John F.

SP4, 53rd 

Deceased 23 Sep '12

Liefer, Virgil D.


Lilly, Tom C.


Livas, Faustino Jr.

SP4, Gunner

Matthews, Allan L. Jr

Opns Officer / CO


Mayo, Pike Powers


Pike was an Artist, and the one
responsible for most of the early
artwork done on the helicopters &
Company signs.

While off duty one day,
Pike doodled a picture and
gave it to John Lezotte.
At the 2003 Reunion, John
presented me with that sketch,
which I will treasure, until
the day his Family is
found and I can return it
to them.

McBride, Joseph F.

SP5, 53rd 

McClain, Darrell G.


McPeak, James R.

 SP4, 53rd

McVey, Albert L. (Turk)

 SP4, 53rd

Meer, Mike


Mike took many 8mm movies during
his time with the Go-Go'ers, and
because of these, there now exist a
comprehensive and priceless record
of Guns A Go-Go operations!

Morgan, Ronald F.

SP5, Gunner, 1st Avn Det

Neiswonger, Paul

NCOIC of Armament, Ammo and
Gunners, 53rd
Deceased: 8/16/06

Nichols, Wellington I.

1SG, 1st Avn Det

Deceased 09 Aug '12

Nelson, Robert James

Mechanic, and #1 Gunner
Easy Money
1st Avn, 1966-67

Deceased August 14, 2011

Nosera, James C.

SP4, 53rd & 1st Avn Det

Obernier, Myron


Deceased: Feb. 20th 2011

O'Connor, Richard L. "Dick"

One of the original Gunners, 53rd

Oneal, Melvin A. Jr.

SP4, Gunner

Palframan, Wayne L.

SSG, Chief Gunner, Easy Money

Paul, J.R. "Rex"

Guns A Go-Go
Deceased Nov. 2, 2015

Pinto, Gilbert M.

PFC, 53rd

Poole, Victor


Porter, Willie B.


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Associate Members