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Associate Members

Flores, Euduardo "Ed"

Gunner, "WIA" Hue '68  

Foy, Louis


Frye, James H. "Jim"

Pilot/Birth Control 

GeGere, Michael A.

Gunner, 53rd 

When "Easy Money" was shot down
on Hwy 13, Mike watched a
VC Grenade enter the cabin
through the large hole created
by the aft rotor while landing.
The grenade landed by the 40mm ammo
box. Quickly grabbing it, Mike
threw it back out the same hole..
it explodes about 30 ft. outside.
This created a pattern of shrapnel
holes, which mesmerized Mike
Webmaster's Note:
Had that grenade went off on
board, it would have almost
certainly killed the crewmembers,
plus, started cooking off
the 40mm rounds in the ammo box,
which would have almost
certainly destroyed the aircraft.

Greentree, Leo F..

CW3 Pilot

Griffin, Gene E.

One of the Original Gunners 
SP4 53rd, 1st Purple Heart
in the Unit

Grussing, Ken

One of the Original Gunners
Deceased 6/13/09

Gunter, John B.

One of the Original Gunners 
SP4 53rd, 1st Avn Det

Gustafson, James E.

 FE, injured when he
fell off the helicopter during

Hall, Clarence

Participated in the D-Day
Invasion WWII, Korean Conflict,
and served two tours of duty
in Vietnam. Deceased 5/14/05

Herrington, Timothy T. "Tim"

53rd & 1st Avn Det 
November 66 to July 67
Classified as a Mechanic, but
also was a backup Gunner and
Ammo Loader / Supply.

Hernandez, Joe


Hiatt, Larry N.

SP4, Gunner 

Hicks, Paul J.

Pilot/Co$t of Living

Highness, Gordon A.

SP4 53rd 

Hinkle, Robert C. "Bob"

FE, 1st Avn Det, He was an Artist,
and responsible for most of the
later art work done on the ships.
He could imitate various cartoon
characters voices, and it was
calming to the nerves after taking
several hits in the aircraft to
hear Yosemite Sam yell that "them
thar varmits is shootin at us
from down thar."
.... Hugh Buzzell

Holloway, Ralph L. "Doc"

One of the original 8 pilots.
WIA when "Easy Money" was shot
down on Hwy 13.

Huddleston, John

 CE, 53rd 

Jackson, Wade M.

 Pilot/Birth Control  

Jenkins, Charles D.

SP4, 53rd

Jones, Robert C. "Bob"


A Naval Pilot in WWII & Korea

Jones, Louis R. "Ralph"


Kee, Bill

Gunner on Co$t of Living

Knight, David

#2 Gunner/Co$t of Living.
DEROS just a few days prior to
the loss of #145, but didn't
learn of the loss of his friends
until 1998.

Knudsen, David "Dave"

 Gunner, "Birth Control" 
1st Avn Det

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