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Associate Members

Abernathy, Gary "Sonny"

SP4, Hel. Mech., Gunner,
Nov 66-Aug 67

Adams, David C.

One of the Original Gunners, 53rd
Deceased Sep. 2017

Aliberti, Gennaro

One of the Original Gunners, 53rd

Arron, Joseph M..

SP4, 53rd

During a visit to Vietnam
in 2000, Joe happened upon
an old Zippo Lighter at
one of the street vendors
in Saigon, which once belonged
to former Go-Go FE
Jim Bradshaw.

Joe purchased the lighter,
and returned it to Jim at
the 2003 Reunion.

Arroyo, Jose I.

One of the Original Gunners, 53rd

Arzuaga, Joaquin

CE, Co$t of Living

Babbitt, Charles, H.

SP5, 53rd 

Belue, Harry J.

Flight Operations
Dispatch & Flight Records
Nov 66/67

(Go-Go Webmaster was also a
71P, back in the day

Biggs, Lee P.

Unit CO

Blakeley, Richard E. "Rich"

2nd Ramp Gunner/Birth Control
Jun 66/Jun 67

Deceased 9/9/05

Blanks, Richard E. Jr..

MAJ, 53rd

Bolling, Lanny P.

Original crew, CE, 
Birth Control, 53rd

Booker, Kenneth


Borrego, David

Gunner/Easy Money 
Dog Tag was found within
the fuselage of "Easy Money"
during the restoration. It was
offered back to him, but
he donated it for the display,
where it's now displayed on
the ramp "History Wall" of

Bradshaw, James H. "Jim"

CE/FE, Birth Control, Easy Money

Bridges, Cecil Paul

1st Avn, Gunner, Birth Control
1967/68, WIA 2/4/68
Awarded DFC, Bronze Star,
Purple Heart, and Air Medal W/14

Buzzell, Hugh L. "Buzz"

Final FE, Easy Money
Deceased Nov 18, 2017

Carlson, Eugene C.

SP5, 53rd 
Original FE 'Stump Jumper'

Carr, Steven C.

Pilot/Birth Control
Dec 67 - Mar 68

Charpentier, Armand H. "Lurch"

Gunner, 1st Avn


"As I stand
Overlooking the Valley"

Wrote June 1967 @ An Khe

"As I stand on the hill overlooking
the Valley, once lying so happy
and free, the air filled with
laughter of children as they
sang and played free. As I stand
on the hill overlooking the Valley,
not laughter nor play do I hear,
but the rumble of cannons echo
in my ear, destruction and sorrow
now dwell here. As I stand
overlooking the Valley, where war's
fury lashes away, leaving only
fallen comrades, their cries of
agony now fill the air. As I
stand overlooking the Valley, one
question is left for me; Dear
Lord in Heaven, why allow this to be."

Cien, Michael T.

SP4, 53rd

Clark, Garnett L.

FE, SP5 in the 53rd
On the day "Stump Jumper" ran
into the parked Chinook
on the ramp at Vung Tau;
Garnett had gotten out to
help clear the turn, but it
was too late. When
the rotors separated, a
piece struck him, resulting
in the loss of his right arm.

Coberly, Eddy W. "Ed"

One of the Original Gunners, 53rd 

Deceased: 1 Oct. 2010

Daniel, Garry L.

Pilot/Easy Money
67 - Mar 68

Davis, Richard T.

SP4, 1st Avn Det

Demaray, Leonard A. "Len"

Nov 67/Feb-68
Recieved Silver Star for his
actions in the rice paddies
NW of the Citadel on
22 Feb 68.

Deceased 2 Nov '12

Downs, Gary W.

Supply Sergeant
Original Go-Go Group

Ellis, Barry L.

Pilot/Birth Control
WIA near Hue, evac to Japan
May 67 / Feb 68

Ely, John D. "J.D."

FE, Birth Control, 53rd
Gave "Birth Control" her name.
Part of the Original Crew

Field, Joseph J. Jr.

Gunner, 53rd
WIA when an enemy bullet
struck the .50cal mount, and
pieces of the shrapnel hit him
in the head and arm, but
returned to his Gunner duties
after getting out of the

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