"Guns A Go-Go"
SOARs Again!


    The Guns-A-Go-Go callsign, of the former 53rd and 1st Aviation Detachment of armed Chinooks from the Vietnam War period, will fly again!     The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) "Nightstalkers" from Fort Campbell has started up a new battalion at Ft Lewis, WA.     The new unit will serve special operations forces on the West Coast as well as the Pacific Theater of operations.     The 160th has a long history of making bad people go away using modified Chinooks.     They approached the Guns-A-Go-Go vets earlier in the year, requesting permission to carry the "Go-Go Skull" into battle once again.     The Go-Go callsign and a modified/updated patch will grace the new MH-47G aircraft and uniforms of A Company 4/160th SOAR (A)....Forward by Jimmy Ketcham

The 5th Reunion of Guns A Go-Go was held May 5th, 6th, & 7th, at the Holiday Inn/Research Park in Huntsville, Alabama.     It was highlighted by the attendance of A/4/160th SOAR......   here's the first two of them I ran into outside the hotel lobby.



Members of A/4/160th who participated in the official "Guns A Go-Go" Namesake & Unit Logo transfer ceremony at the Banquet on Saturday evening.

Here they are standing by "Easy Money".



Below, the first Commander of "Guns A Go-Go", Col. Bill Tedesco, shakes the hand of the current "Guns A Go-Go" Commander, Cpt. Jeff Siino.


The past and the present, pose along side one of the "Night Stalkers" MH-47G's, which landed in the field beside the "Easy Money" display.