"Paul J. Hicks"


Paul Hicks recieving his Lieutenant Bars on a direct commission in Vietnam. "This is one of my favorite pictures of my father." ...CWO Robert Hicks

"Lt. Paul Hicks: Our Go Go pilots had to be a cut above the rest. As our aircraft commander much of the time on "Cost of Living" #145, Lt. Hicks exemplified the competencies of not just a pilot, but of a strong, responsible leader. He communicated with us clearly and confidently before and during missions. He would do his best to eliminate uncertainty and stress. I'll never forget the time we were briefed, before a mission, on the ramp of the helicopter. After the briefing, I was strapping on my armor (chest protector) as he was about to enter the cockpit, ...he stopped and turned to me and said., "We'll be okay....Just keep up the good work." That was Lt. Hicks."
.... David Knight