(For your convenience, each link opens it's own viewing window)

228th ASHB -- Jim Ketcham's AWESOME Winged Warrior Page, with a continually updated "228th ASHB (Assault Support Helicopter Battalion)", e-mail contact list for HHC, A, B & C companies and Guns-A-Go-Go. *Also included is a great historical and photographic essay on "Guns A Go-Go", plus an extensive photographic account of the restoration of "Easy Money". Anything you want to know about the 228th and Guns-A-Go-Go, you'll find it here.

Unofficial USAF HH43B/F "Pedro" Crash Rescue/Air Rescue Web Site-- Bill Junkins has a fantastic page which pays tribute to the great "Husky", and her Crews.

25th Avn Bn-- Ron Leonard presents a tribute to the 25th Aviation Battalion, including a fantastic Video page which includes several of the old "Big Picture" episodes and an Army produced clip of "Guns A Go-Go" in Vung Tau.

Co A 1st Bn 27th Inf Rgmt-- William "Easy" Smith's contribution to the "Wolfhounds", with stories, essays, poetry and pictures. Come by and pay him a visit!

Air War Vietnam.Com-- Retired AF MSG Mark D. Bacon brings us an interesting review of the air war in southeast Asia.

B/159th Varsity-- Stop in and visit Tom Hirschler's B/159th "Varsity" page!

The Legacy of Valor-- Wonderous VHPA site by John Conway, detailing Vietnam Era Aviation Unit Histories, hundreds of Images and Artifacts... be prepared to stay a while here!

"Larry's SEA Call Sign Project"-- Go visit Larry Hughes new site, where he's cataloging unit Call Signs! CWO Mark Morgan's new website; ( A Boeing CH-47 Chinook website containing Screen Savers, Photographs, Videos, News and Stories, plus an extensive by tailnumber Chinook history database. )

222nd Combat Aviation Battalion-- Don Yaxley brings us the story of the 222nd Combat Aviation Battalion, the "SKYMASTERS", check it out!

"The Vietnam Experience"-- Bill McDonalds web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War through poetry, stories, and photos by combat veterans.

"HHC 1st Brigade - 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)"-- This web site is dedicated to the people of widely varying backgrounds who came together under the turbulent and uncertain times of war and together produced the unit which became known as the "Flying Circus"..

147th ASHC "Hillclimbers"-- My 'other' website, which pays tribute to the "Hillclimbers" of the Vietnam era.

B Company, 214th Avn Rgmt (formerly Hillclimbers)-- Visit the modern day Hillclimbers!

General Hieu 's Page-- Dng T߾ng Nguyn Vn Hiu (Valiant General Nguyen Van Hieu) An excellent history and tribute of this well known ARVN General, by Tin Nguyen.

187th Assault Helicopter Company-- Brilliant site celebrating the history of the "Blackhawks", "Crusaders" and "Ratpack"

Dedicated to the de Havilland CARIBOU Aircraft-- A "Must See" for any Carabou fan; if it flew, it's here!

Helicopter History Site -- A most intense collection of photo's and history, visit Jorge's site.

1st Aviation Brigade, Vietnam -- Growing portal to company websites of the 1st Aviation Brigade, by Larry Cox

VHPA -- Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

B Company 'Hercules' 159th Aviation -- WO1 Ken Gunter is the Webmaster of this excellent site! Lots of useful CH-47 information, visit him!

Driko Land-- Andrew Chorney's web pages featuring a great "Aviation" link section, go see him!

Aircraft Illustrated; The 'Airnet' links site -- Visit Howard Curtis' ULTIMATE aviation link collection... "you'll spend hours in here"

Modelers Interst Group: The Vietnam War -- Ren van der Hart's very interesting site on scale modeling Vietnam War era subjects, go see this great site!

Cargo Helicopters Project Management Office -- Please visit the 'heartbeat' of Cargo Helicopters, maintained by Rick Wuesthoff and Taylor McDonald

The Boat Docks -- Nice 'Hooker' site by Bob Hillburn! (An extensive Patch link within!)

Vietnam War Pictures, Maps, Memorabilia, Firebases & Audio list -- Jim Claeys has done a fantastic job putting his Vietnam memory site together, includes lots of pictures and memorabilia, a MUST see!

205th Aviation Comapny "Geronimos" -- Tom Hirschler pays tribute to the "Geronimos" through pictures, stories, reunion coverage, and many other topics of interest, pay him a visit!

15th Medical Battalion Assoc.-- In Memory of Mr. Sherman "Snore" Breeden author/webmaster of the original 15th Med Assn. web site. - Come visit the reactivated 15th site now.

PBR Forces Veterans Assoc., Inc.-- Visit Robert Gray's excellent tribute to the PBR of Vietnam. Great site!

362nd AVIATION COMPANY-- Carle "Gene" Dunn's new website; "THE LAST 'HOOKERS' IN VIET NAM", which is looking good! Drop in and check out his wealth of information, including a tribute to "Guns A Go-Go".

The Military Advisor -- Vietnam: Humanity & Geography of a Nation at War.

A 2/20th ARA -- Donald Frederick's Armed Falcons Website (extensive reference material)

71st AHC Rattlers & Firebirds -- Be sure to check out Charley Sparks great site!

Huey's Home Page -- Helicopter information and links by Kirk Sunley

161st ASHC -- Incredible index section, check it out. (Read: "George, the Monkey")

ADAA (Air Dispatch Assn of Australia) -- G'Day Mates, come check out Pat Slee's great website about the "After Darkers"

Home of the CH-54 "Tarhe" -- A great tribute to the mighty Crane by Charles Rogers

VHCMA -- Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association

AirCav Design -- Military helicopter Illustrations by Thomas Maloney

U.S. Army Attack Helicopters -- Visit this Attack Helicopter reference site by Butch Lottman

73rd Surveillance Airplane Company (SAC) -- John Aker's Mohawk site! (Check this out!)

"CH-47 Crew Locator Page" -- Check out Mark Feller's interesting and informative site!

B Co. 227th -- "The Good Deal Company" (nice links section)

C Co. 227th -- "Pouvoir" ~ This page is dedicated to the men who lost their lives while serving with C Co. 227th ASSAULT HELICOPTER BATTALION, 1st CAVALRY DIVISION (AIRMOBILE)

VNAF -- The South Vietnamese Air Force

"Manchu" 4th Bn. 9th Infantry -- "Sounds of Vietnam" section, check it out!

1st Cavalry Division Association -- A must for any 1st Cav alumni, or supporters

298 squadron RNLAF -- Royal Netherlands Airforce CH-47D site by Ingvild Drr (check it out)

Friends of Army Aviation -- Very informative site! (Go visit them)

VHFCN -- Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network

The Delta Dragon -- Can Tho Army Airfield by Joe Moore, check it out!

Heli-Vets -- Vietnam Helicopter Vets web site

U.S. Army Aviation Museum -- Where it all started for me.

U.S. Army Aviation History -- Welcome to the Official Website for Army Aviation History! This site is a joint venture between the the U.S. Army Materiel Command's Aviation and Missile Command Historical Function and the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command's Ft. Rucker Historical Office.

Tim Wilkerson - Blackjack 13 -- Army Aviation Flight School. (You gotta see this!!)

US Army Aviation -- A splended website packed with lots of photo's and history.

174th ASHC -- DOLPHINS & SHARKS; Don't go in here if you have somewhere to go.... like bed, or something to do.... like work! Great website!

Medal of Honor -- CMH citations for all our Countrys' wars.

21st Helicopter Squadron --Jim Henthorn's Vietnam Vet Page.

Memories In Time And A Time For Memories --James Drummond's page (EXCELLENT).

Topic Index -- Vietnam / Indochina Wars Related Resources on the World Wide Web.

Once Cav, always Cav -- Many great photographs submitted by 1st Cavalry members.