Record 67
Name: Juan A. Gozier
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Galt,CA
Time: 1999-11-04 23:35:38
Comments: In March '68 I was halfway through Hook school at Fort Eustis when we were informed that the GO-GO birds were no more. I was sad as well as furious, because EVERYONE in my class wanted to fly the GO-GO's. 90% of our instructors were 1st Air Cav and some actually flew on ACH-47's. This website lets me dream what could have been had they survived, but I'm proud to have served with Co. B of the 228th in the normal Hook mode. Good luck.

Record 66
Name: Gary M. Crull
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Arkansas
Time: 1999-10-23 15:21:23
Comments: Nice site...... Was with HHC228thASHB March 1966 to March 1967. I remember the day they delivered the GoGo's.....and the night they got hit. Been a long time. I have some photos left and will try to forward them to the owner of this page.

Record 65
Name: Mike Moschkin
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Co. A 1st 27th Inf (Wolfhounds)
Time: 1999-10-20 00:28:02
Comments: I have wanted to thank those brave men who kept my company from getting wiped out on July 19th 1966 in Trang Bang sector northeast of of Saigon, God I love you guys we were on the ground going through a meat grinder,us hounds are tough but I know what Guns'a' Go Go did for us, waited 33 years for this day to thank somebody.I'd like to hear from anyone on that Chinook that day .WE heard you guys took alot of hits and everyone on board was okay.

Record 64
Name: Paul Tibbets, Jr
Website: WWII and the Enola Gay
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Columbus, OH
Time: 1999-10-19 23:43:04
Comments: Frank, Thank you for taking the time to email me. I appreciate you kind words. Thank you for keeping our aviation history alive. Best regards, Paul Tibbets, Pilot

Record 63
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-10-18 16:03:01
Comments: F.E. INNKEEPER 129 1968-1969 CANTHO V.N.

Record 62
Name: LTC William J. Tedesco (Ret)
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Dunedin, Florida
Time: 1999-10-17 03:46:29
Comments: Cmdg O, 53rd Aviation Det. (ACH-47) Jan 66 - Sept 66

Record 61
Name: James H. (Brad) Bradshaw
Referred by: From a Friend
From: San Antonio
Time: 1999-10-05 03:55:09
Comments: Absolutely great site! Congratulations! Hugh (Buzz) Buzzell called tonight and told me about it. I was in RVN 66, 67, 68 and flew on 45, 54, and mostly 49. After we lost 54 and unit started to deactivate went to B 1/9 to aerial scouts. So great to see the photos. Have lost touch with almost all. I know Walt Lacy is (was) in Tennessee. Lost track of Bruce Sally when he was flying (civilian) in Alaska. And all of those comments about Paul Hicks......Was there ever a finer gentleman? Those quirky little jokes....and that smile when he talked about the family he cared about so much..... Gee...the memories flood back....remember Captain (Ch)Conroy ??(maybe Conrad?), our resident priest? Remember when he went on the gun run with us wearing a helmet with "Sin Buster" painted on it? Turned out the mission was hot! What a great bunch of guys. Bless you all!

Record 60
Name: Chuck Slezak
Referred by: AOL
From: El Segundo, CA.
Time: 1999-10-05 01:53:14
Comments: Great site! Hope you enjoy the pictures of Guns A Go Go I sent to you in a separate E-Mail. Chuck Slezak Co A 101stAvn Btln 101 Airborne.

Record 59
Name: Joe Semancheck
Website: Pouvoir, C/227th Memorial Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Gulf Breeze Fl.
Time: 1999-10-02 22:04:32
Comments: Frank Great job on the page, a tribute to guns a go go crews.God Bless them, I loved when they hit the LZs before us. See you May 15th in Huntsville. Joe C/227h

Record 58
Referred by: From a Friend
From: USA
Time: 1999-10-02 03:56:20
Comments: Linda and Jeanie Carpenter and Trish Starkey had a dream to be of service to their country during the VietNam war. Their dream came true as The Hilltop Singers sang their way into the hearts of the servicemen in Southeast Asia. We are grateful to you who were such loyal supporters of us and our dream. The spirit of the group lives on in our quest for self actualization and yet the excitement of that time is still very real in our hearts. Thank you for believing in us - The Hilltop Singers- Linda, Jeanie and Trish. Continue to believe in us, because dreams still come true. I hope you enjoy our website and seeing the pictures from our shows. The Hilltop Singers will be performing in Washington, DC at the annual reunion of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association from July 2-5, 2000.

Record 57
Name: H. W. Calonkey
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Woodward, Iowa USA
Time: 1999-10-02 02:19:39
Comments: My emphatic thank you to & for all the Go-go crews and the people that put them out there as part of our close air support. Thanks Frank White, for putting up this website and doing the good looking, captures the spirit of the moment, art work. Hank, a former D-1-12 Cav Grunt, '67-'68.

Record 56
Name: Bill Schell
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: California
Time: 1999-09-27 22:24:10
Comments: Great Website! I was in the 400th TC det.(178th Boxcars) at Phu Loi in 1966 when one of the Guns-a-Go-Go (I think it was Easy Money) went down after receiving enemy fire. Some others from my out to the site and striped it so that it could be brought in for repair. They had planned to sling it in with another chinook but were able to get a Skycrane in from up north. I belive there or only 3 cranes in country at that time. The airframe was brought in to the 605th area at Phu Loi and I was on the crew that put if back together. There was extensive dmanage. One of the aft rotor blades had cut halfway thru the fusilage. All of the running gear had to be replaced. I especially remember how difficult it was to connect the hydraulic pumps for the flight control system. If my memory serves me, there were dice, a poker hand (a royal flush?) and other appropriate items painted near the name. I'll have to dig through my stored junk to see if I have any photos. I remember taking pictures of it being brought in.

Record 55
Name: Glenn A. Charles
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Kalamazoo, MI
Time: 1999-09-27 05:01:49
Comments: I was with the InnKeepers 271/361 TC.DET. At Can Tho 68/69. Seeing this page is wonderful. This is a part of aviation history that must be preserved. I was a mechanic and Crew Chief on the Chinooks at Can Tho RVN. Very proud to have been a part of the Chinook Lenage. Keep up the good work. I have some photos I would like to share of Magnet Ass one of our regular ships. Regards SP/6 Glenn A. Charles

Record 54
Name: Mark Feller
Website: CH-47 Crew Locator Page
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Ozark, AL
Time: 1999-09-21 00:53:24
Comments: Love these "GoGo" sites. They are putting to rest a lot or rumors and BS stories. Seems like I remember a bunch of guys claiming over the years to have been GoGo crewmembers.

Record 53
Name: ronald anderson
Referred by: Net Search
From: alabama
Time: 1999-09-19 15:26:16
Comments: i was with c/2/12 1st cav from jan. 68 - jan. 69 . saw the guns in action . it was feb. outside of hue. really something to see. 'WILDCARD 6-INDIA"

Record 52
Name: David Knudsen
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Rocky Ford, Colorado
Time: 1999-09-19 03:40:51
Comments: It has been about a month now since I found the Go-Go websites by Jim and Frank. They are unbelieveable! I had the honor of being with this unit in 1967. I joined the unit from 228th H&H Co. soon after Cost of Living was lost. I was a 67U mechanic and finally got with a hook unit. I gunned on both 49 and 54, between KP duty!HaHa. Towards the end of my tour, mostly was on 54 or Birth Control. I cannot put into words the emotions I felt when I first viewed these two websites. Another former Gun-A-Go-Go crewmember, Dave Borrego, lives in Colorado too. We have wondered many times what happened to some of the others and to Easy Money. It was almost too much for both of us to find out that Easy Money was being restored! Then something else even more amazing! During a phone conversation with Jim Ketcham, Dave Borrego's name comes up. Jim thought Dave's name sounded familiar. About an hour later he calls me back with stunning news. Doug Sprouse, who is doing the restoration of Easy Money, finds one of Dave Borrego's dogtags inside the fuselage of 49!! All Dave could say was "It must be providence!" Neither one of us has ever been in touch with any of the other crewmembers since we left 'Nam. I was at Ft. Benning after 'Nam and was breifly assigned with Guy Purdy, Jim Frye (pilot), Jerry Richards (pilot), Tracy, Sgt Pullman, all former Guns. Now with the websites, I have been in contact with Guy P., Jim Frye, Jerry Richards, Tom Lilly. I just wish this could of happened 25 years ago!! WHAT A TRIP!!!That should be some ceremony at Redstone in the spring!! Looking forward to hearing from any and all Guns crewmembers and anyone we flew with or for. Again thanks to Jim Ketcham and Frank White. How can we ever repay you!!??

Record 51
Name: Jim Gauze
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Fort Hood Texas Area
Time: 1999-09-17 01:09:28
Comments: CWO Romasuski (sp) and I (Jim Gauze) were the Maintenance Weenies for "A" Co. 228th When Sam Bubernack was the Maintenace guy for the Guns A Go-Go. Sam and I Test Flew several times when he couldn't find a Peter Pilot to go with him. That was a heavy son of gun when you were use to Slick. Anyway I am trying to figure out a way to get to Huntsville May 15th 2000. Salutations to All Jim Gauze RLO.

Record 50
Name: Lynne Snyder
Referred by: From a Friend
From: ohio
Time: 1999-09-10 19:34:01
Comments: Love what you are doing with this site friend. Your pictures are great. Remember my bday is coming up and I would like one for a present. hahahaha fat chance. Lynne

Record 49
Name: Ray
Website: Ray's Connection Room
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Philadelphia Pa.
Time: 1999-09-05 09:54:51
Comments: Hi, My name is Ray. this is such an intresting homepage. I didn't really get a chance to view the whole thing, but I will get back to it. Please take the time to stop by and pay me a visit at my website. don't forget to sign my book. Thank you for sharing.

Record 48
Name: Rabbit
Website: Rabbits' Home Page
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: USA
Time: 1999-08-23 18:58:30
Comments: (Hello Frank!! I finally made it to the guestbook!) Your Chinook page is AWESOME!!! Totally cool pictures and ofcourse chinook history (and the crews) that should never be forgotten! Great page!!!! ~RABBIT~ :)

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