Record 27
Name: Guy H. Purdy, jR.
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Born Martha's Vineyard, MA, live now in Kenmore, WA
Time: 1999-06-01 14:08:35
Comments: Frank, Thanks for including me in your email updates! I whole-heartedly applaud everyone's efforts to keep Go Gos alive in the memories of those who served with Go Gos, and hopefully, those whom Go Gos served! I have run into a couple of guys who told me that Guns a Go Go saved their bacon on more than one occasion, and I would LOVE to hear from anyone else who was aided by our gunships, especially between Oct. '66-Oct.'67. Keep up the good fight, and I hope to see you all at a reunion next year! Your Brother in Arms, Guy

Record 26
Name: Ron Milks
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Lafayette, IN`
Time: 1999-06-01 04:09:14
Comments: Former member of 98th Trans Det, 210th CAB in support of 120th AHC,US Army, Ton Son Nhut AFB, VN, '67

Record 25
Name: Bob K
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Va
Time: 1999-06-01 01:14:20
Comments: Just got back from "Rolling Thunder" in DC. I was parked next to a guy that flew Marine '46's. Got talking about 'Nam. I crewed '47s in 68-69 with 178th. I had always heard that one of the "Guns a GoGo" had shot itself down but I thought it was because the spent shell cases flew back into the engine intakes (this was before they installed screens). You learn something everyday. Keep up the good work. Bkash

Record 24
Name: Mitch Williams
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Pontotoc , Ms.
Time: 1999-05-31 01:13:50
Comments: Enjoyed the page. keep up the good work

Record 23
Name: Mike Palmer
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Wichita, Kansas
Time: 1999-05-30 18:03:59
Comments: 92nd AHC (Dong Ba Thin) '68 - '69 ("Sidekick 13") Flew Ch-47A,B,& C in USAR @ Paine Field, Wash. from 1983-1988. Great page!!

Record 22
Name: Rick
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Maine/Guam/Thailand
Time: 1999-05-25 08:08:03
Comments: Guys-Some great stuff-great links-really appreciated the VNAF-love the A1-E-I flew Hueys for the Big Red One in III Corps. See some of ya on Heli-Vets. Rick

Record 21
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-05-21 19:05:42
Comments: An old hooker with the 205th ashc and the 213th ashc Phu Loi 70-71

Record 20
Name: Arthur Abendschein (Abe)
Referred by: SimpleNet
From: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Time: 1999-05-17 22:31:07
Comments: Great site! I was with C-227th from Jan 67 til Jan 68. I had the honor of returning to C-227th in July 69 to July70.

Record 19
Name: Paul Jones
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Oklahoma City, OK
Time: 1999-05-17 16:18:04
Comments: Great page.. I was a gunner in C/227 AVN BN, 1st CD, during the time the go-go ships were in the Division. I remember well an assault we did with go-go providing guns for us that day. I will never forget the hook flying right off my 3 o'clock when the pilot came on the radio with "Rattlesnake Yellow 1, this is go-go on the go" and then that whole aircraft turned to smoke as they ripped loose with 40mm, 20mm, 2.75 rockets and,of course, the .50 cal machine guns from the gunners. Then, when you thought it was over and they turned out of thier run, here comes the gunner out the tailgate with his .50. I had a friend that was a go-go gunner (we had been in another outfit in the Cav together). One day at An Khe he took me thru his ship. I thought I was walking thru an ammo dump. All down the middle of the aircraft were ammo boxes full of linked 40 and 20 mm. Wish I could remember his name, just a big blonde headed guy is all I recall. PJ

Record 18
Name: Joe
Website: pouvoir
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: fl.
Time: 1999-05-17 06:33:34
Comments: Frank Remember Guns A Go Go preping LZ before we went in around Bong Son. I will send a couple of photos I have to you. Great page! Joe C/227h 66/67

Record 17
Name: Lurch
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: New York
Time: 1999-05-17 05:57:08
Comments: This one is for you Frank, Jim, And all my Brothers who have passed, and thoes who are still here. I found it when I was looking through some of my dads things . I wrote this in June 1967 @ An Khe ............................(As I stand Overlooking the Valley) As I stand on the hill overlooking the Valley,........ Once lying so happy and free,.......... The air filled with laughter of children,......... As they sang and played free,........ As I stand on the hill overlooking the Valley,......... Not laughter nor play do I hear,........... But the rumble of cannons echo in my ear,........ Distruction and sorrow now dwell here,.......... As I stand overlooking the Valley,......... Where war's fury lashes away,.......... Leaving only fallen comrades,......... Their cries of agony now fill the air, ......... As I stand overlooking the Valley,........ One question is left for me,......... Dear Lord in Heaven,........... Why allow this to be. ......... < I was going to got to DC this year to Rolling Thunder With my club , American Spirit M.C. Tri County Chapter N.Y. which I am the Vic Pres. and incomeing Pres. of and Place a copy at the WALL , In memery of those of the Crew of GO GO 45. Who gave there lives. But the year has not been good to to me due to my Back and Legs not working well, And the Doc. say's if I go on this trip at this time it might be the last time Old Lurch will ride So I am standing down .The children who we help with Thunder Run For the Children II , need me if I go down at this time it would put the run in jepperdy, of not happining So I hope to have one of the club Brothers do it for me it is long over due Maby next year I'll make it to the Wall . BROTHERS THEN,NOW, FOREVER,........ POW*MIA NOT FORGOTEN............ NOR SHALL WE FORGET OR LET THEM FORGET........ GOD BLESS , LURCH

Record 16
Name: Chris Riggs
Referred by: AOL
From: Florida
Time: 1999-05-14 02:16:04
Comments: Thanks for the hard work to all the guys of Guns a-gogo. Would like to get as many pictures as possible of Guns a-gogo. Once again thanks.. Chris

Record 15
Name: Bobbi Hicks
Website: NONE
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Illinois
Time: 1999-05-13 18:27:31
Comments: Well, hello! I must amend the 'How did you find us' choice. I am the Mother of Robert and Widow of Paul J. Hicks. Your website is quite impressive even if I've been exposed to the photo work before... courtesy of my son, Rob. I have seen the paintings, especially the one you are doing of my husband's ship with the profile of a face in the foreground. It is absolutely exceptional! Can't wait to see the original. Your style is very much to my taste..out of the ordinary, for sure, but truly exceptional.

Record 14
Name: Daniel J. Rivera
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: South San Francisco, California
Time: 1999-05-13 02:32:11
Comments: I have a color photo-copy of an original GO-GO patch. It is the same one that I donated to the USAMHI. Just give me an address and I'll send it. I am going on vacation, however, I'll be back before the end of the month.

Record 13
Name: Mark S. Seeley
Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook
From: Boise, Ida. Born-Fort Ord
Time: 1999-05-12 21:45:53
Comments: Visiting this tremendous site in memory of my Dad-Captain John S. Seeley-who was killed on 6-27-66 when his "Hook" crashed through trees in the Iron Triangle. I had the privelege to meet Jim Ketcham when I attended the reunion of the 178th "Boxcars" at Fort Rucker last summer. "Big John" was the second unit and first pilot KIA of the 178th "Boxcars." I remain proud of my Dad and forever grateful to the Vietnam veterans for the greatness of what you did for our country. If you knew or served with "Big John" during his 1953-1966 U.S. Army career please e-mail me.

Record 12
Name: Paul J Neiswonger
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Newport News Va
Time: 1999-05-12 14:37:43
Comments: Being one of the 53rd Avn Det members,and deployed from Ft Benning to Nam (Vung Tau), I found your web site bringing back old memories. (some good/some bad). My thanks go to you and all whom made this site available.If you know or any one else knows of any reunion plans in the future,please contact me. I have EMail address of a few of the crewmembers that would also be intrested. Again thanks to the great web site.

Record 11
Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook
Time: 1999-05-10 16:12:37
Comments: Frank It is a great thing you have done for all of us who were part of Guns A Go Go and hopfully it will help some of us to find budies who we have not seen in many years , Your work has given me back an inportant part of my life that was taken away. TO ALL OF THE GO GO'S CREW MEMBERS AND FAMILY : From Lurch We were mostly young and hade lots to fear , Problems at home , We have grown old now and only have our selves to understand what was then and our children who aske why ,what , when . WE MUST NOT FORGET OR LET THEM FORGET . KEEP THE MEMERY OF THOES WHO HAVE GONE AHEAD SO THEY HAVE NOT GONE FOR NOTHING. THEY ARE WITH US EVERY HR. OF EVERY DAY. We Must put all aside and rember BROUTHER'S THEN, NOW, FOREVER GUNS A GO GO FOREVER (BETTER FOUR)

Record 10
Name: Robert Wuestenberg
Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook
From: DeWitt, Iowa
Time: 1999-05-09 15:48:27
Comments: Thanks for the support. B/1/7 '67 Bong Son area, AnLao Valley, etc. You guys had the most awesome piece of ass kicking machinery I have ever seen. Always appreciated your help. Again, AWESOME!

Record 9
Name: David B. Knight
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Whitewright, Texas
Time: 1999-05-09 04:28:41
Comments: Frank: Thanks for keeping the Go-Go era alive, along with Jim Ketcham and Rob Hicks. Because of these websites I have been able to communicate (with my wife's help) with many of my friends from the Go-Go days.

Record 8
Name: Mike Bodnar
Website: 89th Attack Squadron
Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook
From: USA
Time: 1999-05-08 15:42:43
Comments: I caught your Web site address on the 1st Cav Assn. Guestbook. I flew on 1st Cav MEDEVAC 1-7\70, and humped the bush in C 2\7 Cav in 1969. We had no armed attack "shit-hooks" which would have been nice to add to the arsenal, but we did have "Max," and lots more. My father was in the 89th Attack Squadron of the 3rd Attack Group-Grim Reapers, U.S. 5th Air Force-WWII. They get usually get credit-re: Squadron/Signal Publications: Gunships-for being the developers of the U.S. Army Air Corps gunships which spawned the various versions in Vietnam e.g. "Spooky," "Puff," etc., and to this day; to include, no doubt, Guns-A-Go-Go. This was all because of a guy named Pappy Gunn, who defied the stateside aero engineers when they said that it could not be done.

Record 7
Name: Armand H. Charpentier Sr. (lurch)
Website: American Spirit M.C. Thunder Run for the Children
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Sidney Ctr. N.Y. 13839
Time: 1999-05-08 05:25:51
Comments: the section 8 club loves what you are doing keep it up. Never forget lurch

Record 6
Name: Terry Pierce
Website: Delta Innkeepers
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Seattle
Time: 1999-05-06 23:18:00
Comments: Frank; thanks for all the work you have done and are doing to preserve the Guns-A-Go-Go history. I first heard of the unit from some of my instructors while in Hook school at Ft. Eustis late in 69. Some of them had been in the unit. They spoke with pride when the talked of the Go-Go ships and their exploits. My neighbor and childhood buddy served with Jim Ketcham in C/228 as a DG. Upon his return from Vietnam he told me about the Guns-a-Go-Go ships and how awesome they were. I specifically remember him discribing the "cool" Guns-a-Go-Go unit patch, this thirty years ago. Thanks again frank, looking forward to seeing the rest of your work.

Record 5
Name: Jim Wheeler
Referred by: From a Friend
From: West Chester, Pa
Time: 1999-05-06 22:23:38
Comments: I currently work at Boeing Helicopters in Phila. I retired from Army Aviation in 1989. I was in CH-47's all my carreer. A co-worker of mine, Jerry Witte, was with the 1st Cav the same time with the Go-Go's. He later went to the 101st in Phu Bai his third tour. That's where I first met him. We kinda chased each other around the Chinook community ever since. For your info, the Army CH-47PM office in Huntsville, Ala (they moved AMCOM from St. Louis to there) is trying to restore the last Go-Go, which is at Ft. Eustis, Va., so they can put it in front of the Aviation Headquarters building in Huntsville. Jim

Record 4
Name: Tim Herrington
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Muskogee, OK
Time: 1999-05-06 18:25:39
Comments: I transfered into the Det. when they were assigned to the Cav at AnKhe in 1966. I flew some gunner, usually ramp on Birth Control and easy Money. Did some maintenance work on all 3 birds, but mostly I humped ammo at the Golf Course. Enjoyed the people, and ( most ) of the NCOs. Really liked our officers. I remember Lt. Hicks as a qiet guy with an easy smile and little or no "army starch" in his manner. I was sched to fly the mission that claimed Cost of Living. Got bumped and put on KP. Was madder than on old wet hen. Still struggling with survivors guilt. I remeber we had a contest to name her, but can't remember who won. I've never regretted my time with the Go Go birds. We were BAD, and the Cong really feared us. To bad our leaders in the states betrayed us . . .

Record 3
Name: Robert L. Hicks
Referred by: From a Friend
From: USDAO, Budapest, Hungary
Time: 1999-05-05 16:37:10
Comments: Greetings Team-mates (if I may be permitted to use the term), My name is Robert L. Hicks. My Father was LT. Paul J. Hicks, Aircraft Commander of the Guns-A-Go-Go gunship "Cost of Living" when it went down May 5th, 1967. Today on the 32nd anniversary of that unfortunate event it seems fitting to make a note here. I wanted to start by saying that Frank's continuing work in both his Go-Go paintings and with this page are a fitting tribute, not only to my Father and his Crew, but to all Go-Go's. Having said that, I'd like to list off the names of the crew of "Cost of Living" below in hopes that maybe someone will remember a good story to share with us all on this sad day... 2LT HICKS PAUL J, KIA; CW2 WEIDENBACH EDWARD JOSEPH, KIA; SSG TALAN ARISTON R JR, KIA; SGT ARZUAGA JOAQUIN, KIA; SP4 ONEAL MELVIN JR, A KIA; SP4 RODRIGUES GARY WAYNE, KIA; PFC MAYO PIKE POWERS, A KIA; PFC WHITE WILLIAM ERNEST JR, KIA. I also want to take this opportunity to thank our many friends among the Go-Go community (and those outside the Go-Go community, people tied to the Go-Go's as surely as we all are...for example, I'm embarrassed to say I received an E-mail from a young Infantryman whose life was saved by the Go-Go's...I've lost your address. Please feel free to contact me again). Those people who took a few minutes to write the Hicks family a tell us a short story about my father, a member of his crew, or even another Go-Go. It has helped over the years to keep bright the already strong memory of my Father. I'd like to mention a few by name (knowing I will leave out many...for which I ask your forgiveness in advance), that I have to say have become members of the extended Hicks family in my eyes. Thanks to Jim is due to you that I am once again amongst the Go-go's. Your exceptional web site opened my eyes again. I'm not sure how I will ever repay you...and most importantly, I hope your lovely wife is doing well. David and Judy Knight...truly family now. I can only say we are happy to have found you after all these years. Jerry Richards, Arnold Christensen, the list goes on and on. All I can say is, "Thank You" one and all. You have made my life richer by being a part of it. I will close with the following thought. I think my Father would surely have appreciated and echoed it's sentiments. It was written by John Hottell III, a Rhodes Scholar, and twice the recipient of the silver star, he was killed in action a few years after my Father (1970). He had written and sent his own obituary to his wife the year before in a sealed envelope: I deny that I died for anything - not my country, not my Army, not my fellow man, I lived for these things, and the manner in which I chose to do it involved the very real chance that I would love for West Point and the Army was great enough...for me to accept this possibility as part of a price which must be paid for things of great value. - John Hottell III - Signed - Robert L. Hicks

Record 2
Name: Frank (Max) Grose
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Athens, Alabama
Time: 1999-05-03 05:38:01
Comments: But for the grace of God, I may have been a Go-Go pilot. Had orders for the 228th along with Daniel, Carr, etc. Got diverted to 147th ASHB "Hillclimbers" (Aug 67- Aug 68) when I got to Cam Ranh. I prefer "Hookin" in the Delta anyway. That mountain flying in the soup is scary, as are the green basket balls in clear weather. Hats of the the Go-Go crews and all the 228th Hookers.

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