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Dugan, Daniel "Dan"

Army Experimental Test Pilot

Assigned to the the Army Test
Activity at Edwards Air Force
Base (EDW) in 1966.
Detailed as the Project Pilot for
the ACH-47. Ferried #145 from
Philadelphia out to EDW for
instrumentation and testing.

"The report came in on a Friday that
"Stump Jumper" had been destroyed,
so we ferried "Cost of Living"
to Sharpe Army Depot on Sunday
for shipment ASAP.

Usually, de-instrumentation is
a tedious process. In this
case, cables were simply cut
and the orangewire bundles pulled
out along with all of the special
gages, instrument packages,
and such."

Calonky, Hank

SGT with D-1-12
Squad saved by Go-Go's December
1967 near Tam Quan, after being
pinned down in an open paddy.
"At first, I thought it was
our Admin/Log Bird who'd
tragically picked the wrong time
to do re-supply. That worry
vanished when I realized it was
coming to a hover over us, spewing
mind boggling fire into the
treeline!" "As if hell itself had
entered the battlefield... Moving
up and down our lines... then
it is gone as quickly as it came!
We are still hugging the ground,
but a strange silence now fills the
air! First one, then two and
three heads pop up and look out
toward the once forbidden treeline,
which is now peaceful and quiet."

Gonzales, Juan Carlos

11th Pathfinders
On 2/22/68, about 600 meters
NW of the Citadel in Hue,
Juan was dug-in by Hwy 1,
directing fire for the Go-Go's,
and witnessed "Birth Control"
being shot down.


"When we saw the Chinook
gunships coming, it was like
seeing Angels coming
to our rescue!"


In January 2003, Juan returned
to Vietnam and made THIS
picture of the rice fields
where "Birth Control" went down.

CWO Hicks, Robert L.

Son of the late Lt. Paul J. Hicks
(AC #145)

Ketcham, James "Jimmy"

CE/FE C/228th ASHB - Dec 67/68
Webmaster 228th ASHB/Guns A Go-Go

Moshkin, Micheal "Mike"

A1/27th Infantry "WOLFHOUNDS"
3/65-10/66 Life saved by
"Guns A Go-Go" on July 19th 1966
when his unit came under
heavy attack. They had suffered
26 KIA's, 34 WIA's when the
Go-Go Birds entered the fray,
bringing the battle to a halt.

"Each pass that your gunship
made was an act of mercy,
as it keeps the enemy from
advancing on us, and exposing
those that started running
after realizing that your
gunship was coming down on them,
making better targets for us!"

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