The Aircraft

Boeing/Vertol ACH-47A "Chinook"

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"Easy Money" #64-13149

Retired Mar'68 at Vung Tau / *The sole surviving ACH-47* Currently restored and on display at the Cargo Helicopter Program Executive Office at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama See complete documentation of the Restoration Process Here.

Photo courtesy of Jerry Barnes

"Birth Control" #64-13154

Destroyed by NVA mortar after forced landing, 22 Feb '68 / Hue /.

Photo: Frank DeFelice


"Co$t of Living" #64-13145

Lost on 5 May'67 at Bong Son / 20mm Cannon Accident.




"Stump Jumper #64-13151

Destroyed Aug '66 at Vung Tau in a ground-taxi accident.

Photo by James Whitner

Aircraft Armament