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"Pike P. Mayo"

Photo by Guy Purdy


"I remember Pike as a fresh faced kid my own age, who VOLUNTEERED for RVN out of patriotism.    He was a sole surviving son, and didn't have to go, but he asked his mother to have a bunch of unit patches made up.    This enabled everyone in the unit to have the coveted GO-GO patch."

    "Easy going, laughed a lot, and fun to be around."

   "I was to fly the mission that killed him, but got bumped at the last minute for KP.     Carried a major load of guilt for a LONG time."

    "Here's to you Pike!!    Forever young!"... Tim Herrington


"The best one I can remember is while we were waiting to transfer from Ft. Rucker to Ft. Eustis.    He was the first one of us to be promoted to PFC so he decided to go out and celebrate the promotion.    He got drunk and ended up getting busted the same day that he had been promoted." ...Tom Merrifield

Pike recieving citation from Lt. Hicks

Photo by David Borrego

"Here's a picture of my helmet that Pike painted a picture of "Snoopy" firing a .50 cal.    It's my most treasured memento of Vietnam."

   "Pikes' girlfriend would always send him gifts, like for Easter, and send enough for all the rest of the guys.    He was one of a kind."... David Borrego