Story of the forward crown patch of "Go-Go Five"

While on a mission near Bong Son on 5 May 67, #64-13145 "Cost of Living" crashed, killing all on board. Investigation revealed one of the 20mm cannon retaining pins broke, rotating the weapon, causing it to fire into the forward rotor blades.

SSG Len Demaray "walked through the wreckage and examined some of the pieces. Some of the pieces that were not recovered were the rocket pods, and only one wing was brought in, only one 20mm cannon was recovered  (I do not know which side),  all the .50 cals were recovered."

Len also said, "When the accident team said that she shot herself down, I accepted their findings, I had no reason to doubt their results."

The aircraft wreckage was recovered to the Golf Course at An Khe for the investigation.

28 Jan 98 - "I took an 8x10 B/W close-up photo of the above forward crown to the Army Aviation Museum (Fort Rucker). The museum has a piece of metal with a Go-Go patch painted on it. It is dark OD outside and zinc chromate inside. Steve Maxham (Director) and I compared the photo to his piece of metal. We compared the design of the patch and verified the rivit paterns and placement. THEY MATCHED! The museum piece came from Cost Of Living. Someone had the forethought to hack the patch out of the forward crown and bring it home."

UPDATE/16 June 99

Upon closer examination, the stamp: "B-117" was located on the inside of the piece. This was the 'Factory Number' issued #64-13145 during construction at Boeing! Further confirmation of it's originality.


Remarkably brilliant after 32 years, the forward crown patch as it appears today.

Godspeed "Co$t of Living"

"Jim & I felt extremely privledged to have the opportunity to touch this hallowed article.
SOLDIER ON CREW! You are not forgotten!

"Welcome Home Brothers"