"Jim Ketcham"


"Back in 1998, I done a websearch for "Guns-A-Go-Go", and the first reference I saw was a GREAT Page by this fellow, Jim Ketcham. Since that time, we have become good friends.
Jim works at the Flight Simulator Complex at Ft. Rucker, which I got to tour with him in June '99 while down there on vacation. I am proud to call Jim my brother!"....Frank White


"Free Play"

by Jim Ketcham

"The first ship I had as a Flight Engineer was old #129 in C Company.    We took our first hit through the fiberglass edge of the tail cone/APU fairing barely touching the skin.   Too bad it was a .38 round and was traveling from the inside, going out.    It came from up by the crew door.    Naaa - wasn't me.    I carried a .45 auto.    My crewchief and I would occasionaly practice "quick-draw" against each other when were parked in the revetment and no one else was around.    Oh, we were safe - I would drop the clip and clear the chamber on my .45 and he would flip the cylinder of his .38 and drop all the rounds out.    When we finished 'playing' - load'um back up.    I was walking down the ramp, headed for supper and KA-POW!    I hit the dirt off the end of the ramp and looked back inside the cabin.    My chief was standing up by the front door with his smoking .38 and a sheepish grin on his face.    All he could say was oops... He had loaded up and decided "one more quickie" but just couldn't stop the triger-pull reflex.    We were lucky - he missed me and the round hit the revetment.    That was the end of "free play" for us!"


*WEBMASTERS CONCLUSION:  "When exiting via the ramp (or anywhere else for that matter maybe?), keep yer hand on yer pistol, & never take yer eyes off the Crewchief!"<;-)   

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