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"The Go-Go Art Series"

#1 "Stump Jumpers' Payback"


"STUMP JUMPER" #64-13151, engaged in an attack as the second Go-Go turns base for his run. This is how an attacking ACH-47 would have looked to the enemy, had they lived long enough to see it that is.

#2 "Shooters Odds"


The ramp gunner on "BIRTH CONTROL" #6-413154, gives a 'Thumbs-Up' to the #2 Gunner on "CO$T OF LIVING" #6-413145, after obliterating a menacing VC triple-A emplacement.

#3 "Troubled Skies"


"BIRTH CONTROL" #64-13154 clears the top of Hon Kong Mountain as she departs An Khe. Her escort can be seen breaking from beneath the cloud layer beyond the summit.

#4 "Mama's Prayers"


(Personal study in 3-D imaging)

An infantry unit has come under heavy small arms fire, and are desperately in need of support. "EASY MONEY" #6-413149 arrives just in the knick of time, doing pedal turns, firing everything into the enemy less than 40 yds away.

*Read about my inspiration for this painting, "From the Grunts Eyes"*

#5 "Go-Go's Last Stand"

Signed by five of the crew members who were involved in this action, and the Pathfinder who was dug in over by Hwy-1

February 22nd, 1968:    After being shot down in the dry rice paddies off the NW wall of the Citadel in Hue Vietnam, the crew of "Birth Control" begin to make their way over to the rescuing "Easy Money", while supressing intense enemy fire.    Thanks to God, the Heroic actions of these crews, and the most deadly Gunships ever built, everyone made it out with only minor injuries.

*"Easy Money" was the only one to leave the rice paddy that day, which effectively concluded the era of the mighty ACH-47A.

Click HERE for a complete photographic and textual history of the unit known as "Guns A Go-Go".


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