2007 "Guns A Go-Go"
Reunion Coverage

July 27, 28, & 29 2007

Holiday Inn Research Park, Huntsville, Al

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Welcome to the 2007 "Guns A Go-Go" Reunion!
David Adams, Rosemary Holloway, Frank Thompson (back)
and Gennaro Aliberti
Rosemary Holloway, Carol Knudsen, 
Margaret Lezotte
David Adams, Buzz, Danny Rivera, 
Harry Belue, Jim Ketcham (back)
Gennaro Aliberti, John Ely, Danny Rivera, 
Dick O'Connor
Richard Blanks, Barry Ellis, Jim Ketcham
Len Demary and one of the 
PEO guys hashing it over!
John Lezotte, Doc, Charlie Johnson, 
Col. Shufflebarger (sp?)
Darrell McClain and Joe Arron pause for a photo.
Virgil and Darrell 
Charlie Johnson and Jim Ketcham.  
Charlie (a fellow modeler), was kind enough to bring a couple of
the nice ACH-47 models he built for the raffle Saturday evening.
 Flight Helment brought by Charlie Johnson for 
the group to sign. (additional photos: HERE and HERE)
 The 2007 Group photo out by "Easy Money"
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell McClain 
Hugh & Khatuna Buzzell and their Daughters pose at the 
Ramp of Hugh's old Gunship.
Sonny and Brenda Abernathy  
Virgil Liefer and family
Virgil and his family by "Easy Money"
It was nice to have Armand "Lurch" Charpentier with us this year!
Buzz and family by "Easy Money"
Carol Knudsen and Rosemary Holloway find the coolest place around!
Gordon Highness, Harry Belue, Mr. & Mrs Victor 
Poole and John Lezotte
Sonny Abernathy, Darrell McClain, Virgil Liefer and kids
The Buzzell girls "on the ramp"!
The Go Go photgrapher!  
Doc Holloway and Dave Knudsen 
Charlie with Jim and Beverly Ketcham at the banquet
Gary Downs and wife beside Beverly
Richard Blanks and Garnett Clark share a laugh 
John Huddleston and his wife was across the table
Obe, Gennaro, and Martha Ely
John Ely, Dick O'Conner, Dan Rivera, and David Adams
Four of the original six crewmembers on "Birth Control"
Darrell McClain, David Knudsen, and wives
Tom Lilly won one of Charlie's 1/48 ACH-47's
Dick O'Conner won the other one! 
Thanks again Charlie!