2006 "Guns A Go-Go"
Reunion Coverage

May 5, 6, & 7 2006

Holiday Inn Research Park, Huntsville, Al

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Welcome to the 2006 Reunion!
Wellington Nichols and Bruce Sally,
a couple of long lost faces, found!.
Gennaro Aliberti and John Snyder pause during a conversation
out in front of the hotel lobby.
Members of A/4/160th SOAR attend this years Reunion...here's the first
ones I ran into by the lobby entrance
(Notice their shoulder patches).
A/4/160th contacted unit members some months ago and requested permission
to carry the "Skull" logo and unit name into combat once again.

Here's the Unit Commander, and other members who accompanied him, standing
by "Easy Money"

Here's the MH-47G Cpt. Siino flew down for the event.
Carol & Charlene have a chat out beside the "G" Model.
"Easy Money"
Close-up of the MH-47G, with the Go-Go sticker that Top Obernier
happily applied.
Jim Nosera checks out the #4 gun position on the "G" Model.
Another view of the "Night Stalkers" MH-47G
Buzz, Bruce & Dawn relax on the ramp of "Easy Money"
Bruce said: "I can't believe I'm sitting here on my old helicopter!"
A good view of the "G" Model and reunion attendees from "Easy Money"..
Ron unveils the new "Go-Go Rock"
Some of the crews that served aboard "Easy Money":
LtoR: Garnett Clark, Hugh Buzzell, Tom Lilly, Wayne Palframan,
Bruce Sally, Jim Bradshaw, Jim Nosera, and Dave Knudsen.
Bruce & Jim pose by the Go-Go Rock

(See the "Then&Now" version Here)

"It was great to see everyone again!"...Lisa  (Hi "Doc" :-)
Guns A Go-Go Veterans and Webmasters pose by "Easy Money"
Guns A Go-Go Veterans pose by the MH-47G
Guns A Go-Go Veterans pose with Current Guns A Go-Go
Members by the MH-47G!
Here's the T-Shirt the 160th made for the occasion
Ron preparing to open the Banquet activities.
A very moving opening service to the missing Go-Go Vets...
"You are not forgotten"
Ron reviews the interesting story of the "Go-Go Flag"
Things are now under way... little do they know at this
point, but Table #6 will be the last ones served! ;-)
The chow was hot, good, and plentyful!
Table #6.... still waiting.
Everyone enjoyed a great time of fellowship and a great meal!
The Opening Speaker was Col. Tim Crosby, CH-47 PM
and the one responsible for obtaining "Easy Money".
The first Guns A Go-Go Commander, Col. Bill Tedesco.
Col. Tedesco officially hands the torch to the new
Guns A Go-Go Commander, Cpt. Jeff Siino.
Members of A/4/160th recieving presentations.
Banner commemorating the re-birth of Guns A Go-Go: "The Legacy Lives On"
***More pictures will be posted as thay are received***

("Cosmo", "Otter": close-up of the "original" artwork)