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2004 "Guns A Go-Go" Reunion

Huntsville, Alabama, 23,24,25, & 26 July 04

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Early Saturday morning, the CH-47D from Ft. Campbell
arrives at PEO AVN!
The "D" Model positions herself in the field behind "Easy Money".
The "D" Model crew is greeted by PEO AVN employee's after shutdown.
The "D" Model crew is greeted by PEO AVN employee's.
The ramp area of the "D": Model; "Money".
The front office of "Money"
PEO AVN personnel inspect the interior of the "D" Model.
Go-Go Veterans get a close-up look at "Money"
Mike Meer, Joe Arron, and Dave Knudsen. (good to 
finally get to see you, Mike!)
Wayne Palframan and Dave Knudsen
Some of the Go-Go'ers wives try to stay dry, while the 
Go-Go Vets try to get a closer look! :)
Go-Go Members and their families, mingle under a tree.
"Easy Money" and "Money"... the "Old" and the "New"
"Money's" Flight Engineer 
Go-Go Pilot, Barry Ellis, gives the Thumbs-Up from 
"Money's" front office!
Go-Go Gunner, Dave Knudsen, getting a little
"left-seat" time with Barry! :)
The Flag Dedication Ceremony begins
The Go-Go Flag will also fly once again!
The new Historical marker that was erected by the display
The Colors now proudly fly
The Guest of Honor this year was the Family of the
late Melvin O'Neal, Jr. (KIA 5 May 67)
Barry & Dave pose at the ramp of "Easy Money"
A Color Guard opens the official 2004 Go-Go Banquet
Members of the Color Guard at the Banquet
2004 Banquet
2004 Banquet
Hugh Buzzell brought along his Family this time! :)
Darrell McClain, Sonny & Brenda Abernathy hold down table #8! :)
The meeting begins
The first CO of "Guns A Go-Go", Bill Tedesco, accepts a
beautiful Go-Go Plaque from Wayne.
Some of original "Guns A Go-Go" personnel seated
together at the banquet
Original Go-Go'ers; Eugene Carlson, Bill Tedesco,
and Danny Rivera, field test the new bench installation
beside "Easy Money"
Go-Go 1SGT Myron Obernier accepts his plaque at the banquet
"Doc" Holloway admires his plaque
Jim Nosera, Mike Meer, and Joe Arron step outside to get some air
"See, Sonny looked just as good then as he does now!" ;)
A Patriotic flare accompanied this review of Go-Go pictures! ;) 
Some of "Birth Control's" original crew, Dan Rivera,
Dick O'Conner, Lanny Bolling, John Ely, and David Adams,
with their beautiful "Birth Control" plaques!
Well, either that was a good joke, or somebody's getting sleepy! ;)
Now here's an active table to be sure! ;)
Wayne Palframan and his lovely wife enjoys the banquet activities.
John & Martha Ely's table. (BC Table ;-)
Jim & Doc trying to figure out who's going to be first
in line at the serving table! ;)
Another active table!
Banquet table #4 crew
Len Demaray at the helm of table #2
Table #3
Table #6: "I could sit here all night and listen to the
stories from this group!" :)
Ed & Mike look like they're about ready to start eating!
Dave, Wayne, Cecil, & Tom make table #10 a lively place! :)
David & Judy Knight, Jim & Beverly Ketcham, enjoy the
Banquet with our Guest of Honor, the O'Neal family
Ron Obernier opens the business meeting at the 2004
Go-Go Banquet. Ron done a fantastic job hosting
the Reunion this year, thanks!! :)