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The Good Ole Days; Now who wouldn't recognize these 'Postcards' from the old PX at Ft. Rucker?
Postcard: Busy ramp.
Postcard: T-41's on the ramp
Postcard: CH-47A.
While rummaging through some old LP's that my Grandmother handed down to me, I discovered
this "45"! It's been over 30 years since last seeing it, having been sent home by my Uncle while he was in Flight School at Wolters. 'Max', if you happen to remember this long lost gem, I have it here for you. "From the skies we do our dying, let the Angels rest.... Winged Soldiers Are We"
Check this out! An early A Model Chinook during testing
Beechcraft T-42A 'Cochise'
The fifth pre-production Dehavilland YAC-1 'Caribou'; Here's a picture of #73083 while on a
test flight shortly after it was delivered to the Army in November, 1958. (Squadron/Signal)
AH-56 'Cheyenne'
The Beechcraft U-8D 'Seminole' "When I reported for duty with Post Aviation Div. at Simmons
Army Airfield, Ft. Bragg, and was walking up the hallway toward the Dispatch Office, someone
came through the door leading out to the "Hot Spot", and there was a U-8 out there waiting
on someone, left engine idling, door open, CW3 Vaughn, then with the 18th Aviation Co.
in the pilots seat." *seeing Mr. Vaughn sitting out there in that big ole U-8 always stuck
in my mind for some reason*
U-21 "Ute"
AH-64 'Apache'
Bell AH-1G 'Cobra's'
RC-12A of Post Aviation Division, Simmons AAF, Ft. Bragg, NC, circa: 1980
A Beechcraft RC-12.  Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army Aviation archive, by: WO1 ROBERT GOEBEL
 The Beechcraft C-12. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army Aviation archive; by: WO1 ROBERT GOEBEL
AH-1S 'Cobra'
CH-37 'Mojave'
CH-34 'Choctaw'
Bell UH-1A 'Iroquois' or as commonly referred the 'Huey'
Boeing CH-47D 'Chinook'
H-23 'Raven'
H-21 'Shawnee'
CH-54 'Tarhe' 
OH-58 'Kiowa'
OH-13 'Sioux'
UH-1D 'Iroquois'
RAH-66 'Comanche'
UH-1B 'Huey'
OH-6A 'Cayuse'
The Hughes TH-55 'Osage' sits in the early morning mist 
The beautiful O-1 "Bird Dog" Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army Aviation archive by:
A North American T-28B "Trojan" with the US Army Airborne Board at Ft. Bragg.
"I was fortunate enough to get several rides in this particular aircraft with CW3 Ryder,
and Major Davis. They would fly alongside C-130's from Pope, and as cargo loads were
dropped from the back, the T-28 would circle it on the way to the ground, making pictures."
"A couple of times, Maj. Davis would do a low/high speed pass of the DZ after the load
was down, and I remember looking back, and seeing vortices swirls in the dust!"
UH-60 'Black Hawk' This was the first UH-60 that landed at Simmons Army Airfield.
Most everyone on the airfield came up to Base-Ops to see it.
The Boeing 347 experimental Chinook in flight.
The Boeing model 347 and HLH as they sit in the lot beside the Aviation Museum at
Ft. Rucker, AL. These are the only two examples of the aircraft ever built.
The "347" at Ft. Rucker in June 1999.
"Hillclimber" pocket patch
Door Gunner's view from the 298 Sqn RNLAF in Albania. - 298 squadron RNLAF
Boeing CH-47D standing on the aft wheels
OV-1 'Mohawk'
A sobering site indeed!   A burning Marine Corps Boeing CH-46 trying to get on the
ground during the Vietnam war
From the pilots seat of a G model Huey Cobra, in action over Vietnam
One of the ACH-47's on the ramp at An Khe, Vietnam
 298 Squadron 'Ramp Gunner' peers down during deployment in Albania. - 298 squadron RNLAF
The only example of the huge Boeing HLH at Ft. Rucker, June '99
Frank White photo - The United States Army Parachute Team, "Golden Knights", on a training
flight over Laurinburg/Maxton airport, southwest of Ft. Bragg. They are using the first
YAC-1 "Caribou" #73079. This aircraft is now on display at the US Army Transportation Museum
at Ft. Eustis, Virginia.
'Bou'1 - "How can one tell this is #079?" "Because the 1st two YAC-1's (#079 & #080) were
the only ones that had the short ADF Loop Antenna Fairing on the belly, and #080 wasn't
at Bragg."
'Bou'2 - Here's one of me standing by the front of #079 
Frank White photo - Here's the fifth & final YAC-1 Caribou, #73083, at the 82nd Airborne
Museum at
Ft. Bragg, NC
Photo courtesy of DeHavilland
The fourth YAC-1 Caribou, #73082 in 1961 undergoing Arctic Operational test while assigned
to the Aviation Board. (Squadron/Signal) - NOTE: the elongated ADF Loop Antenna Fairing
on the belly.
Here's #73082 as she appears today, on display at Linear Air Park at Dyess AFB.
Frank White photo - The second YAC-1 Caribou #73080, on display in front of the US Army
Aviation Museum
AH-1G "Cobra" doing a "Split-s" maneuver in Vietnam 
CH-34 with the XM3 Rocket Pod installed.
Bell 309 
Bell 207
TH-23 "Raven"
The H-19 
The "Piaseki" H-25
RH-66 cutaway 
Bell AH-58D firing rocket 
Bell OH-4A 
M61 Pod.     Talk about a DEADLY weapon!!! 
Bell OH-5A 
The M27 "Mini-Gun" on a Hughes OH-6 
A flight of Cobra's in Honolulu 
OH-6 "Cayuse"
YUH-61A - This aircraft now rest between a couple of the old 'Aviation Museum' hangers at
Ft. Rucker, AL.
A couple of UH-60 Medivac helicopters in Alaska ~ Andrew Howard photo 
UH-1H with VIP paint scheme 
UH-1A, B, D 
"Birds of Prey" 
Copyright  1999 
Personal contract painting I done for the family of Lt. Paul J. Hicks, (KIA 5 May 67
ACH-47A #413145 "Co$t of Living")
XM-31 20mm mount on a Bell UH-1B 
AH-64 Cockpit 
AH-1 Instrument Panel 
AH-64 diagram 
Photo courtesy of the 15th Medical Battalion Association; In memory of ole SNORE 
M24A1 mounted on one of the ACH-47A's "Guns A Go-Go" aircraft. 
M23 mounted in a Huey 
Armament diagram for the AH-58D 
M24 Door Gun 
AH-64 Cockpit
Tank Buster! 
Apache front 
UH-1C with the M5 mounted 
UH-1D with a 20mm system mounted 
Two AH-58D's looking for trouble! 
OH-58 Panel 
This AH-64 Apache was in the field as you turn into Hanchy Heliport,
Ft. Rucker on June 16th, 1999.
"Ace of Spades".   UH-1C of the 174th Assault Helicopter Company  
Beautiful sketch of a UH-1H Medivac by Thomas Maloney , please pay him a visit at;
 I just always have loved this picture.
I don't remember where I came across it at, so if anyone has info concerning it, let me
know and I'll show proper credit.
 Mr. Garry Daniel, with A/228th flying the Chinook known as "Crap Shooter"
A Chinook lends a helping 'HOOK' to one of the 'Dust-Off' birds in Vietnam Photo courtesy
of 15th.Medical Battalion Association
Photo courtesy of 15th.Medical Battalion Association 
Photo by Ron Verner via "Squadron/Signal Publications"
This 459th TAS Caribou and her crew were lost when an artillery round hit her while
on final to a Special Forces camp at Ha Thann in I Corps.
UH-1H Medivac on the beach. Photo courtesy of 15th. Medical Battalion Association 
Photo: 15th.Medical Battalion Association 
CH-47 delivering a standard load 
The M22 system 
Photo courtesy of 15th.Medical Battalion Association 
The AH-56 with her Test Pilot visiting the Aviation Museum at Rucker.  Photo courtesy
of the U.S. Army Aviation archive, by: WO1 ROBERT GOEBEL
An instructor and student prepare to fly in a Hughes TH-55. Photo courtesy of the
U.S. Army Aviation archive, by: WO1 ROBERT GOEBEL
The big CH-37. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army Aviation archive, by: WO1 ROBERT GOEBEL
CH-47A, 60-03451 - Once thought to be the oldest existing Chinook, this was the 10th
production model off the line. The oldest existing Chinook is currently being restored
at Ft. Eustis, Virginia by Mr. Doug Sprouse & Stan Stolpa. It is YCH-47A #59-4984.
Number three of the "Y" Models.
The "Red Carpet" entrance to Base Operations at Simmons Army Airfield,
Ft. Bragg, NC in 1979.
The flagpole out by Base Ops at the Airfield
One of the full scale diorama's in the Aviation Museum. June '99 
A Lockheed AC-130 "Spectre" taken at Pope AFB during the summer of 1980
Air Assault team in Vietnam
#64-13145 "Co$t of Living" at LZ Pony in Vietnam
This aircraft and her crew were lost on 5 May 67
Coming to get ya!
Jim Ketcham and myself in front of the Aviation Museum at Rucker, June 99'
OV-1 "Mohawk" - Larry Whitehead
An OV-1A "Mohawk" lands at Vung Tau 
Two 'Mohawks' on the ramp at Vung Tau. 
"Sky Surf'n" - I just hope they don't run into one of those unexpected heat thermals that
seem to abound on clear sunny days like this, the AC is liable to have to write a mighty
sad letter.
Dave Knudsen photo
Dave Knudsen photo - CH-47C on static display in Colorado. 
Dave Knudsen photo
Dave Knudsen photo
Dave Knudsen photo
Dave Knudsen photo
Hauling fuel - by Jim Frye
It was there last night - by Jim Frye
And away we go! - by Jim Frye
Overshot the runway just a little bit
A Long way down - by Jim Frye 
USAF A1E's  
W4 Youngblood - by Jim Frye 
Air America
ARA "Sharks" 
A beautiful little OH-6 "Loach" that has been built like "Miss Clawd II".
Dan Rivera photo; CV-2 Caribou tracking in at An Khe, Vietnam
Dan Rivera photo
Dan Rivera photo - CH-54 on the Golf Course at An Khe 
North American T-28B 
Chinooks training at Rucker 
More Chinooks training at Rucker 
AH-21 Armament 
The Golden Knights 
AH-1G at Rucker 
T-28 and PC-9 
Three of the Golden Knights birds in flight 
The big HLH again 
A busy Stage Field at Ft. Wolters 
The Bell TH-13 
Tear Gas barrels loaded in a Chinook 
Photo's compliments of Mr. Butch Rogers, who operates the site:
The 295th Avn. Co. (HH)
- Taken in 2002, while #409 was being delivered to Ft. Hood.
A rare sight indeed, seeing a Chinook 'Slinging' a Crane!
CH-54 #66-18409 during her active years!