Album Index: 2nd Go-Go Reunion

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Frank White photo - My cousin Andy and I went flying on Saturday morning and was able to get
clearance to overfly the display area. This is looking southwest
at the aircraft display area at PEO AVN.
Frank White photo: Looking NE at the "Easy Money" display     (grass seed donations welcome)
Frank White photo: Birdseye view of "Easy Money" taken Saturday morning around 9:45.....
Hmmm... looks like the rotors are a bit out of phase...?
Photo by Dave Knudsen: Mike & Dave Knudsen
Dave Knudsen Photo: Jerry Richards, Louis Foy and Dave Knudsen
Frank White photo: Rich Blakeley & Mike Moschkin (Mike was with A1/27th Infantry "WOLFHOUNDS"
3/65-10/66, and is alive today because of the Go-Goers)
Dave Knudsen photo: Darwin Pullman, Rex Paul and Tom Lilly
Dick O'Connor photo: Paul Neiswonger, Dan Rivera, Mike Moschkin, John Ely (without his hat),
Dick O'Connor, Rich Blakeley
Dave Knudsen photo: Darwin Pullman, Tom Lilly, Victor Poole and Harry Belue
Dave Knudsen photo: Jerry Richards, Sonny Abernathy and Harry Belue
Dave Knudsen photo: "HERE'S TO YOU!" Left to right- back to us- John Lezotte,
Darwin Pullman and Les Szell saluting, Vicky Liefer and son
Dave Knudsen photo: Left to right- back to us- Les Szell, Darwin Pullman, back to us
- Gordon Highness, Harry Belue, back to us- Vic Poole, Louis Foy, Jim Bradshaw
Frank White photo: Virgil Leifer
Dick O'Connor photo: Dan Rivera, Rich Blakeley
Frank White photo: Dick Stoessner (CO), Doc Holloway (pilot) and Louis Jones (pilot)
Frank White photo: Rich Blakeley was the second Ramp Gunner on "Birth Control", he was
trained by the best, Dan Rivera.
Frank White photo: Allan Matthews, last Go-Go Commander
Frank White photo: All the Go-Go Vets gathered on Saturday for a group photo out by the
Frank White photo: Alan Matthews takes his place beside "Easy Money"
Rich Blakeley and Frank White....  (Rich and I had communicated quite a lot via
e-mail and it was sure nice finally getting to meet him)
Dick O'Connor photo: Dan Rivera, Len Wilson, Dick O'Connor
Dick O'Connor photo:....... Dan Rivera and Dick O'Connor... "The friendship bond
created in a war-torn land over thirty five years ago.
Dick O'Connor photo:....... David Adams, Dan Rivera, Eddy Coberly, Dick O'Connor
"nightshoot1"; Dave Knudsen photo. Go-Go Niner cast a Haunting
image after dark.
"nightshoot2" Photo bt Dave Knudsen. That's about as good a shot of
the name as I've seen! Darkness sure does give those pictures a
personality of their own.
"nightshoot3" Photo by Dave Knudesen.
Photo by Dave Knudsen. Len Demaray and Dan Rivera share memories, as their
families listen intently.
Rich Blakeley photo
Rich Blakeleyphoto
Rich Blakeley photo
Ed Coberly photo: Left to right: Mike Gegere, Doc Holloway, John Huddleson, Eddy Coberly,
Garnett Clark
Ed Coberly photo: Ed Coberly, John Huddleson, Garnett Clark, Mike Gegere
Same man, same helicopter - a different place and a different time
Ed Coberly photo: Dan Rivera and his son, Jon Rivera
Ed Coberly photo: Garnett Clark and Jay Wallace their first meeting since
1966 (35 years)
Ed Coberly photo: Garnett Clark, John Huddleson, Jay Wallace
Dan Rivera photo: Dan and Rich at their former station.    Dan was one of the
originals who flew Ramp Gun on "Birth Control". Rich was Dan's replacement
and was trained by him.
Dan Rivera photo: Dan Rivera, Jim Whitner and Dick O'Conner.    Three of the
original Go-Go'ers!
Photo via Rich Blakeley - Louis, John (hidden), Rich, Danny and Jay
Eddie Coberly photo: Can't exclude the wives.... Red dress: Sherry Coberly 
Blue dress: Martha Ely - Black dress: Garnett Clark's boss (I don't remember
her name) Plaid dress: Kay Gegere
Summit Meeting..... Dick O'Conner, Dan Rivera and Rich Blakeley. - phot submitted
by Rich Blakeley
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