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Jim Frye photo: Go-Go'ers and their families at the Huntsville VFW, April 29th, 2000
Jim Frye photo:Go-Go'ers and their families at the Huntsville VFW, April 29th, 2000
Jim Frye photo: Doc Holloway trying to get the lightheaded to listen! {smile}
Jim Frye photo: The forward crown patch from #145 "Co$t of Living" (on loan from the
Aviation Museum), and the center-rear overhead breaker panel from "Easy Money"
Jim Frye photo: The diorama I built for Jim Ketcham using the Italeri 1/72nd scale
Jim Frye photo: Some of the big crowd 
Jim Frye photo: "In their nearness, they all seem quite young once again"
Jim Frye photo: Back: Barry Ellis, Virgil Leifer, Wade Jackson, Jim Ketcham
Seated: Jim Bradshaw, Jim Frye
Jim Frye photo: The Reunion Banner, doesn't it look nice!
Jim Frye photo: Tom Lilly concentrating on one of the many picture albums that was
Jim Frye photo: Virgil Leifer models the fine T-Shirt his family had made, displaying
the painting; "Mama's Prayers"
Jim Frye photo: Also modeling for us, Dave Knudsen wears his Go-Go History T-Shirt...
aren't they great?
Jim Frye photo: Virgil Leifer, Mike Gagere and Dave Knudsen inspecting the .50 cal belt
Jim Frye photo: Doc Holloway (L) and Sonny Abernathy talk about the days events.
(these two have really done a phenomenal job contacting lost members, THANKS!!!)
Jim Frye photo: The reception at PEO AVN HQ was very well received
Jim Frye photo: Mike Prindiville in the Reception Hall
Jim Frye photo: Wade Jackson, his Son, and Jim Frye.   Wade and Jim logged a lot of
hours together as pilots with the Go-Go's
Jim Frye photo: Lanny Bolling, John Ely, John Huddleston and Jay Wallace have their
picture made beside "Easy Money"
Jim Frye photo: "Easy" was happy to see all her old friends again, see her smiling?
Jim Frye photo: John Ely, first Flight Engineer of "Birth Control", pauses beside the
aircraft display.
Jim Frye photo: The aft pylon of "Easy Money"
Jim Frye photo: Looking in the ramp area where pictures and unit history are displayed.
Also portrayed, are David Borrego's Dog-Tags that were found in the floor panels during
Jim Frye photo: The family of the late Lt. Paul Hicks (KIA 5 May 67, #145), L-R,
Mrs. Bobbi Hicks, Roni, and CWO Robert Hicks
Jim Frye photo: Some of the crowd preparing for the Dedication activities.
Jim Frye photo: Clarence Hall with his wife at the Dedication.  Not only was
Mr. Hall a part of the Go-Go's, but he also participated in World War II
Jim Frye photo: Barry Ellis with his wife at the Dedication.
Jim Frye photo: Wade Jackson and Jane Daniel (wife of Garry Daniel) relax before
the Dedication
Jim Frye photo: Some of the Go-Go Family take their turn getting pictures beside
"Easy Money"
Jim Frye photo: Doug & Stan sure made a lot of people happy with their handi
Attendee's mingle after the Dedication. 
CWO Hicks and BG Bergantz unveil the ACH-47A sign. 
Mrs. Bobbie Hicks, wife of the late Paul Hicks, attended with her son Robert, and his lovely
wife Roni.
Five of the original Go-Go'ers: LtoR: Mike Gegere, John Huddleston, 'Doc' Halloway,
Bill Tedesco, and Ed Coberly, at the ramp of "Easy Money", holding the Unit Standard.
Hugh Buzzell
Tom Lilly
LtoR: Tom Lilly, Les Szell, Bill Kee, David Borrego, Dave Knudsen
Les Szell and Bill Kee 
Go-Go members and Families mingle outside the Reception Hall at PEO AVN. 
The Hicks Family 
These are the men who made all this happen: Doug Sprouse, Stanly Stolpa, Paul Hughes,
Norm Huston
David & Judy Knight 
Jim Frye photo: Sitting on her grassy knoll, "Easy Money" and "Guns A Go-Go"
now proudly takes their place in History!