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Proposed configuration of Boeing/Vertol's Armed/Armored
Chinook Gunship
Front end modifications 
Armored Seat detail 
Boeing Aircraft via David Knight photo - A/ACH-47A #64-13145 sits in the hangar
at Boeing/Vertol, as Mr. R.W. Tharrington addresses the Armed chinook first flight
audience. November, 1965
Boeing Aircraft via David Knight photo - Armed and Armored
Chinook #145 is rolled out for the first official flight
Polaroid of #145 as she clears the ground the first time.
Boeing Aircraft via David Knight photo - Armed Chinook #145
maneuvering to demonstrate it's ability for non-interupted
360 degree fire coverage.
The first A/ACH-47A off the assembly line was tail number #64-13145, Strike Number #B-117
(No small wonder she was compared to the the infamous "B-17" Bomber of World War II)
The first ACH-47A, #64-13145 during her first flights at the Boeing/Vertol
plant in Philadelphia.
#145 on the ramp 
#145 (on ground) and #149 (in flight) at Aberdeen Prooving Grounds
during shake down.
During early 1966, one of the ACH-47's was being used for
training crews at Ft. Eustis, Virginia. - Photo by Virgil Liefer.
Jay Wallace (left) and others during training at Ft. Benning, 1966  
Jay practices the trade that will soon be for real!
Photo by: David C. Adams - John Snyder (L) and David C. Adams (R) standing by #64-13151
(later "Stump Jumper"), during weapons testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md
Photo by David C. Adams via Dan Rivera Test firing the Mini-Gun
Configuration at Ft. Benning, early 1966.
Photo by: Len Wilson via Dan Rivera Len Wilson (lft), and David C. Adams at Aberdeen Proving
Grounds, MD., where the Army tested the ACH-47's before the 53rd was formed.
Boeing/Vertol photo - In the photograph, a glossy #64-13149 during
testing at Vertol's Philadelphia facility in early 1966.
1. PFC Gilberto Pinto 2. SP/4 Jay L. Wallace 3. SGT Scarpazi....Did not deploy to Vietnam
4. PFC Richard "Dick" O'Connor 5. SP/4 Eddy W.Coberly 6. PFC John B. Gunter
7. PFC Gene E. Griffin...GO-GO's first Purple Heart recipient 8. SP/4 Jose Arroyo
9. PFC Daniel J. Rivera 10. William L. Trumble
At Ft. Benning, two crew members working on the Ramp Mounted .50cal 
Two of the *unarmed* ACH-47's during state-side testing.
A group of the original Gunners at Ft. Benning.
#145 during test flight 
While #149, #151 and #154 were being readied for deployment to Vietnam, #145
was taken to Edwards Air Force Base for more intense testing.
#145 during Rocket Pod Ejection test. - Dan Dugan photo
#145 during Rocket Pod Ejection test. - Dan Dugan photo
#145 During testing. - Dan Dugan photo