Album Index: "Guns A Go-Go" - Mid Tour

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Reloading! After the loss of #145, The two remaining ACH-47's, now being exclusively
referred to as Guns-A-Go-Go, continued operations through out 1967. Here, Crew
members are doing a hot reload; taken from the #3 Gunners position. - photo by Jim Frye
The EPA would sh*t! David Borrego and another Crew member
during a Hot Re-Fuel. - photo by Jim Frye
Stand By - David Knight photo - "Easy Money" on stand-by
High over the bridge at Bong Son 
How it's done 
Going to work 
Fire mission results 
Sonny Abernathy at the #2 Gun position 
On top 
Sonny Abernathy standing by "Birth Control" 
"Birth Control" - photo by Ed Shufflebarger and provided by JR Wright, via
Jim Ketcham's 228th website
Always Shootin' 
Hon Kong Mountain checkpoint 
Armorers Tent 
Jim Frye photo - #149 "Easy Money" after a Blade-Strike at An Khe. Notice the
drooped aft rotor head
Standing near the aft pylon on "Easy Money", looking at the Blade-Strike
damage and open Tunnel-Covers - Jim Frye
A little time off 
Barry Ellis at LZ Two-Bits 
Battalion Mess Hall 
The Bridge at Bong Son 
Ever Watchful 
In the middle of a Fire Fight 
Fire for Effect 
Where I had my first cigar - Jim Frye 
One of the Go-Go Patches 
Going to Work - by Jim Frye
Aerial view of the Golf Course at An Khe 
Crew members gather by the Company Sign for a picture 
Hank Calonky, from D-1-12, one of many alive today because
of "Guns A Go-Go"
From the ground, one of the Go-Go Birds goes in for the kill! - by Bob Hester:
This particular action was in support of Mr. Calonky's (above) pinned down squad.
Making the bad guys go away - by Bob Hester 
Crew members performing a Hot Refuel in the field 
The Warbirds meant nothing, without the Ammo Humpers 
If it moves, shoot it! 
In Trail 
Ramp Gunner's position 
Killing Grass 
Go-Go Pilot: Jim Frye 
Watching out for the Little Guys 
Jim Frye holding one of the 2.75" Rockets 
Looking for Trouble! 
Flying Loose Trail, as the attack is lined up 
Charlie blew a hole through the APU Exhaust on "Easy Money"
Mountganard Village 
"Herk" landing at An Khe Army Airfield 
Jim Frye and Allan Matthews in front of the Officers Hooch at An Khe 
This "Herk" kinda ran off the runway! 
On the way away 
On top the white stuff 
Go-Go Pilots: - LtoR: Ralph Jones, Bob Jones, Jim Frye, Jerry Richards  
Red Smoke marks the Hot area  
Rockets away! 
Gun Sight down and Rolling Hot 
Jim Frye looks like he's ready to hit the sack! 
Jim Frye standing by the Vietnam Version of
the Company Limo
Allan Matthews and Wade Jackson, outside the Officers Quarters.
Pilot Barry Ellis 
Go-Go Pilots 
You lookin' for trouble? - by Jim Frye 
Go-Go crew members pose for a group shot 
VC on the ridgeline! 
Washing out the blood after an unlucky mission