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By the beginning of 1968, with mission tactics honed, and long standing weapon problems resolved,
the Go-Go Birds were increasingly called upon for support by Field Commanders.
A couple of Go-Go'ers discuss the days missions, or
maybe what Mom's fixing for dinner back home?
Jim Frye photo - Looking out the front window of an ACH-47, as she begins a
firing run.
Jerry Richards photo - Looking down range as the Go-Go enters her Gun-Run  
With the days work complete, the Golf Course is a welcome sight! 
Photo by Jim Frye 
Jim Frye photo - Victor Poole (Left), Dave Knudsen (holding rocket), Faustino Livas and I think
Wayne Palframan while rearming "Birth Control". "Easy Money" in the background.
There's not too many who can look down on ole' Buzz, are there? 
Help's Coming - by Jim Frye 
More Ammo Humpers 
Lost the Door! - by Jim Frye 
Jim Frye beside the infamous Go-Go Rock 
Rockets Away 
From a Distance -  there is harmony 
The valley of the shadow of death 
One of the ACH-47's pass overhead 
Routine Inspection 
Bleary eyes in the evenings last light 
Len Demaray was FE on "Birth Control" when the Tet Offensive began
in 1968.
Hugh "Buzz" Buzzell, in turn, was FE on "Easy Money". 
Four of the Go-Go Pilots in the Company Area
Wade Jackson, Barry Ellis, Jim Frye, Steve Carr
Walt "Pig Pen" Lacy crewed on "Birth Control"
Bruce Sally & Jim Bradshaw beside the Go-Go Rock; Bruce was #2 Gunner,
and Jim was CE/FE on "Easy Money"
Wade Jackson was Pilot of "Birth Control" 
Jim Bradshaw show's just how close Charlie came one day! 
"Birth Control", as she appeared in early February 1968, at An Khe 
A close-up of #154's Artwork 
Steve Carr & "Easy Money": Unsure of the time frame of this picture, but
judging from the Sharks Teeth, it was early '68.
Photo by Doug Carr
"Easy Money" in the last operational photograph I have of her in Vietnam
Photo by Garry Daniel
Then on February 22nd 1968, in the big push to recapture Hue during the closing days of Tet,
"Birth Control" recieved some bad hits while pulling out of a gun run, and had to auto-rotate
into the rice paddies about 600 meters NW of the Citadel walls. After what seemed like forever,
"Easy Money" came in and landed between us and the enemy, providing cover fire while crew
members made there way over to her.
After rescuing the crew, "Easy Money" evaded to Camp Evans, to the NW.  As consideration
was being made for an aircraft recovery, word came in that the NVA had walked mortars
up the the downed aircraft, completely destroying her where she sat.
Photo by Bill Scott
Since "Easy Money" was the only one to make it out of the rice paddy that day, the era of the
mighty ACH-47A was effectively concluded. Here you can see all that remained of "Birth Control",
taken about a week later by Allan Matthews, who was PIC on "Easy Money"
On 1 April 1968, the 1st Aviation Detachment was deactivated and the last of the Go-Go
Birds was transferred to the 1st Aviation Brigade and moved to Vung Tau. Due to the
extensive modifications to create the ACH-47, the airframe could not be economically
retrofitted to the standard CH-47 configuration and therefore consigned as a
maintenance trainer.
The last in-country photograph I have of "Easy Money"
- The Army ordered no additional ACH-47 aircraft and gave up on the idea of the super gunship
despite the favorable report from the ACTIV evaluation. The arrival of the AH-1 Cobra and the
Chinook's value as a transport were cited as reasons for the shift in position. Major General
John Tolson, Commander of the 1st Cavalry Division during the time of the Go-Go birds commented
on their performance with respect to the men they served; the infantry; "Though anything but
graceful, it had a tremendous effect on the friendly troops which constantly asked for its
support. From the infantryman's viewpoint, when the Go-Go bird came, the enemy disappeared".
This aircraft is the last of the birds they called GUNS-A-GO-GO.
Rodney Woods photo - Taken the end of August 1970 at Phu Loi